Black marker, white gel pen

Sunday ● 11 August, 2013





















Late night doodles which, cut and stuck onto colour paper, will end up on hand made cards.



Saturday ● 28 July, 2012

Inspired by the eye-catching Marimekko Siirtolapuutarha plate.

61| Promarker lines

The original

Hippy happy colours

Wednesday ● 25 July, 2012

Oranges and yellows are not well captured by my camera. This image started out as an experiment in painting circles with watercolour paint, later enhanced with permanent marker to conjure a botanical theme.

60| Watercolour paints, permanent marker

Closer in

Playing with promarker.

Monday ● 23 July, 2012

Finally, the courage to play has come back. I like the control and the fluidity, which depends on the paper used, of these pens.

59| Amethyst, carmine, fuchsia pink and black.

Full image


Wednesday ● 31 August, 2011

The last of the pre-prepared blue painted backgrounds, stamped with white acrylic paint.

58| Acrylic paint, stamps

Have heart

Tuesday ● 30 August, 2011

What, I wonder, is the collective term for 24 paper hearts?

57| Paper, scissors

Lacks lustre

Tuesday ● 30 August, 2011

A lack of inspiration, and being behind schedule led to this lacklustre piece.

56| Paint, paper, punch scissors