Late sunday

Sunday ● 31 July, 2011

Late on Sunday evening, some punched paper patterns overlaid on a gouache painted background.

27| Paper, punch and gouache


Still on the yellow

Sunday ● 31 July, 2011

Yet more on the now familiar recurring themes of colour (yellow) and shape (circle).

26| Watercolour, promarker


Melon slices

Friday ● 29 July, 2011

Inspired by a Terry Frost print, the yellow theme continues.

26| Watercolour with white acrylic, fineliner



More watercolour

Thursday ● 28 July, 2011

What a nice medium, watercolour. This time combined with a little black fineliner pen.

24| Watercolour and black pen

Chrome orange and yellow


Wednesday ● 27 July, 2011

The happy yellow product of a quick internet lesson on painting with watercolours.

23| Watercolour in chrome orange and chrome yellow

A little sideline experiment with excess paint and marker pens, taken very close up. See how the marker pen bleeds under the watercolour.

Dots by marker pen

Stamping squares

Wednesday ● 27 July, 2011

A small rubber stamp, measuring 8mm², with brown, gold and copper stamping inks, and, black fineliner pen. The result is rather prettier in real life.

22|Rubber stamp, stamping inks.

Brown, bronze and gold inks.

Earth colours

Monday ● 25 July, 2011

Inspired by clippings of aboriginal art, this piece sent me back to the world wide web in search of tips on how to layer acrylic paints.

21| Acrylic and watercolour paints, masking fluid, pva glue