Hippy happy colours

Wednesday ● 25 July, 2012

Oranges and yellows are not well captured by my camera. This image started out as an experiment in painting circles with watercolour paint, later enhanced with permanent marker to conjure a botanical theme.

60| Watercolour paints, permanent marker

Closer in


Still on the yellow

Sunday ● 31 July, 2011

Yet more on the now familiar recurring themes of colour (yellow) and shape (circle).

26| Watercolour, promarker


Melon slices

Friday ● 29 July, 2011

Inspired by a Terry Frost print, the yellow theme continues.

26| Watercolour with white acrylic, fineliner



More watercolour

Thursday ● 28 July, 2011

What a nice medium, watercolour. This time combined with a little black fineliner pen.

24| Watercolour and black pen

Chrome orange and yellow


Wednesday ● 27 July, 2011

The happy yellow product of a quick internet lesson on painting with watercolours.

23| Watercolour in chrome orange and chrome yellow

A little sideline experiment with excess paint and marker pens, taken very close up. See how the marker pen bleeds under the watercolour.

Dots by marker pen