Mirror image?

Sunday ● 28 August, 2011

More cut paper, this time back to blues and green.

55| Acrylic paint, paper, NT cutter


Fair post

Saturday ● 27 August, 2011

The maker is finding herself attached to cutting paper … Or should that read stuck?

54| Paper, scissors

Earlier version

Stripey bubbles

Friday ● 26 August, 2011

Freehand cut paper ‘bubbles’ and fineliner pen lines.

53| Paper, scissors, fineliner

Earlier version


What shall it be?

Thursday ● 25 August, 2011

A freehand zig-zag cut sheet pasted over an acrylic painted background.

52| Paper, NT cutter, acrylic paints.

Paper twirls

Wednesday ● 24 August, 2011

Inspiration and motivation have been in short supply. An evening of catching up produced this wavy paper pattern.

51| Paper, NT cutter, punch.

Tuesday’s post

Tuesday ● 23 August, 2011

Tuesday, and it’s greens again. This time with punched out bits.

50| Paper, punch.

Strips of green

Tuesday ● 23 August, 2011

Looking at green – not usually a colour I’m drawn to. These are some of the shades in my new pack of paper.

49| Paper, NT cutter, glue.